Making other people successful

From Sean McNulty’s Farewell For Now Seeking Alpha:

Outside of enjoying the journey, my writing for Seeking Alpha has been profitable in a multitude of ways.

First, it assisted in being hired for internships with Global Securities and Morgan Stanley during which I learned a tremendous amount.

Second, it forced me to think through investment ideas far more in depth than I otherwise would as well as provided me with real time feedback via Seeking Alpha commentators. The latter of which provided the most value, as I have grown to have tremendous respect for the commenters and have often engaged in extensive discussions with them in private messages…

Third, it actually turned out to be financially profitable. When I first began writing for Seeking Alpha, there was no payment system set up for contributors. It has been a pleasure to watch the website grow in popularity, and I greatly appreciate Seeking Alpha implementing a payment system, which has had a noticeable effect on the quality of the content.

Perhaps every company has a goal that ultimately reduces to (at least) one of these: provide basic necessities; make other people successful; give other people pleasure. Which is yours?

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