The biggest challenge in mobile

From A Checklist For Investing In Internet Companies:

It’s hard to get people to download your app, and even harder to get them to use it regularly once they’ve downloaded it. The root cause of the problem is the walled-in world that Apple created with apps. You can’t link to content inside apps, you can’t search inside apps, and many apps try to keep you inside their walled garden, even when you open a web page. The result is that app discovery is far harder, and occasional usage driven by links doesn’t exist for apps in the same way it does on the web. So the outcome for many mobile companies is binary — you use my app every day, or not at all.

Hundreds of thousands of people use SA every day, so we can promote our mobile apps to them. But for founders who don’t already have a preexisting user base, how are you growing your app user numbers fast enough?

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