Facebook’s Julie Zhuo on combatting feature creep

Julie Zhuo, Facebook Director of Product Design on News Feed and core mobile experiences, suggests two ways to avoid feature creep:

1. Define a green light criterion, and test a small launch against it. You have a new idea that you think will make your users happier or more productive? Grow your user base? Make the company more revenue? Great, build it and try it. Launch a small test or beta to a tiny percentage of your audience and have a criteria in mind for whether/when you should launch it to everyone. Is it if you get really positive feedback? X%+ more growth? Y%+ more revenue? Clarifying these criteria as early as possible (before launching, ideally) lets you be more objective when the rubber meets the road.

2. Define a sunset criterion. In some cases, it may not be practical or even possible to test your idea to a small group. If that’s the case, ask yourself this: Under what circumstances would it make sense to kill the feature or product after it’s launched? Again, it’s easier to be objective about this earlier rather than later.

One thought on “Facebook’s Julie Zhuo on combatting feature creep

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