How to ensure that things get done using 3 W’s

From Avi Eyal:

In the last business I ran, Cura Software, as our team grew to over 100 employees in four countries and four continents (in 3 years), I quickly realized that with our lean management approach (we had one manager per 40 people), the only way to drive the growth and execute successfully would be to instill my staff with a few simple rules, and let them run themselves within these rules.

So I decided on “3 W’s”:
1. Who (is responsible)
2. What (needs to be done)
3. When (is it due)

Everything you do, when you fly at 100 miles an hour needs order. Who is responsible. What is expected of them, and by When. We had this printed on posters, at the top of meeting templates and internal presentations…

Every meeting, event, and process should be driven by these simple 3W’s.

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