How to get inside your customer’s head

Excerpted from Get Inside a Customer’s Head by Geoffrey James:

Use your imagination to see the world from the customer’s perspective.  Here’s how:

  • Imagine that you look like the customer: same height, same weight, same complexion, same gender. (Hint: check out his or her LinkedIn photo.)
  • Imagine that you have the exact same background: same education, same companies, same experience. (Hint: LinkedIn again.)
  • Imagine you must deal with the same challenges: the same customers, the same colleagues, the same vendors, the same bosses.

Finally, from that perspective, ask yourself:

  • What benefits would I get from buying what that person (you) are selling?
  • Why is that person the right person to buy from, rather than somebody else?
  • Why is this the right time to buy from that person, rather than later or never?

Write down your answers and use them to craft your sales message.  It’s really that simple.

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