How to get value out of your board between meetings

From an article by Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst:

I often have valuable interactions at formal meetings, but where I really get value is when I can call a board member for help with an issue. Maybe I have an HR issue, and one member is particularly strong with employee relations. Or maybe it’s a tech issue, and another member is perfect for that discussion.

Collectively your board is a resource, but the individuals are also resources. One-to-one and two-to-one discussions are often where you can really gain knowledge and value… Try to interact three times as much with your board outside of the formal meetings as you do during formal meetings.

Similar thoughts from Fred Wilson:

Once you’ve signed the documents and started working together, my number one suggestion is frequent face to face communication. If you can’t do face to face, then I suggest hangouts or skype. And do it regularly. Make it a routine. I have breakfast every two weeks with quite a few of the entrepreneurs I work with. For those who get up late, we do afternoon meetings or hangouts.

Note how he fits himself into the entrepreneur’s schedule. Impressive.

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