The danger of sole founder startups

From What do failed startups have in common? by Erin Griffith:

The top thing failed startups have in common, Hogan says, is that they’re sole founders without a partner. “That is the single biggest indicator of why they got in trouble,” he says, adding that it’s especially common for sole first-time founders to fail.

Scary — Seeking Alpha is a sole founder company. But we’re doing really well; we’ve become the must-read platform for crowdsourced equity research, have a rapidly growing subscription product for investment professionals, and are disrupting the market for real-time financial news. Which makes me wonder what the problem is with sole founders, and how we mitigated that.

One thought on “The danger of sole founder startups

  1. I think a lot of it has to do with SA leadership principle #4 – Be Rational. When the founder and the key players are always open to being convinced that a different opinion might be the right one, there’s less risk of getting dug-in on a failing position.

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