A fascinating innovation for content companies

From Matthew Ingram’s article about the purchase of Paul Carr‘s NFSWCorp by PandoDaily:

Although it started with a hard paywall, Carr said one of the innovations he is most proud of was the idea of “subscriber unlocks” — which allowed each subscriber to the site (those who paid either $3 a month for digital-only access or $7 a month for access to digital as well as the monthly print magazine) to share up to 10 articles from NSFW Corp. per month with anyone they wanted to, via a custom URL that bypassed the paywall.

“It’s one of the few things that I’m sad about because it really worked, but it doesn’t really fit with Pando — the idea of saying to subscribers that it’s up to you how open our paywall is, that’s one of the things I’m most proud of… we had to solve that problem of how you show people what’s behind the paywall without just giving away a bunch of free stuff, and the answer is you do what a member’s club does, you allow subscribers to share with non-members.”

I wonder how well it worked.

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