What content will people pay meaningful amounts for?

Tech journalist Jessica Lessin left the WSJ to start The Information, a subscription-only site which charges $399 per year. From Mathew Ingram’s interview with her:

People talk about this type of paywall is good or bad, but it really depends on the content. If you look at what Paul Carr (of NSFW Corp.) is doing, it’s great, but I think he would agree that no one is going to spend $400 a year on it — the only type of content you’re going to pay that much money for is content that helps you in your business. All the different paywall experiences are very different because the content is different and the market they are going after is different.

We know the audience we want to go after — they’re professionals inside and outside of tech, an audience that pays for information that’s going to make them smarter and give them an edge and to be ahead of the curve, and many of them already expense information like that. And we knew that we wanted that kind of audience from the get-go.

We’ve experienced the same thing in Seeking Alpha. People won’t pay meaningful amounts for content to entertain them. But they will pay meaningful amounts for something that helps them get their job done better and faster, such as our equity research platform for fund managers and analysts.

2 thoughts on “What content will people pay meaningful amounts for?

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