Is the next wave of social networking the return to privacy?

From Instagram’s New Feature Shows How the Internet Is Embracing Intimacy by Noreen Malone:

…there already exists technology that allows you to share “a moment” with your friends. You can text a picture, or email it, or even pass your camera’s stored photos over to your friend the next time you hang out together. But that’s precisely what makes Instagram Direct interesting. The service is gambling (probably correctly) that people crave the chance to carve out private space online. It’s a shift away from the public-broadcasting instinct that drove the creation of so many social networks just a few years ago.  For years, the social Internet seemed determined to strip away the possibility of privacy. Now, it seems to be reversing course. Instagram Direct is just the latest such indication.

So why would people want to use a separate app for something like this? …Maybe a backlash against all that oversharing and saturation and exposure…

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