What do the best home pages have in common?

Excerpted from Mattan Griffel:

What do you notice about the homepages of the fastest growing companies in the world?

  • No access without signup.
  • Navigation and hyperlinks are almost always absent.
  • Focus on a single, clear value proposition.
  • Your product is not about sharing.
  • Big images.
  • Embedded signup forms.

On No access without signup he writes:

Most startups make the mistake of giving people who visit their site free access to content, whether it’s apartment booking or daily deals. This is often a bad idea. Contrary to popular belief, the more things a visitor can interact with on your site before they’re prompted to sign up, the lower your signup rate will be.

One thought on “What do the best home pages have in common?

  1. At one point, LinkedIn did have a “no access without signup” Why did you implement and then why did you drop the model? At what point in startup growth is it more advantageous to give a few products away for free?

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