The best questions to ask in a job interview: Spencer Rascoff

From an interview with Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff:

Q. How do you hire? What questions do you ask?

A. What are you most proud of so far in your career? And if you ran your current company, what are some things you would change? What I’m looking for with that question is whether people “level up.” Usually their answer is very narrow and focused on their particular area. Successful interviewees have broader and more strategic answers.

I then usually ask them to describe the job they’re interviewing for, which is a good question for several reasons. First, it helps force them to articulate what the job description is and how their skills would fit into that job description. Second, it helps me learn their level of interest in the company. It immediately becomes apparent whether they’ve done the research and whether they are really serious. I also ask where they think their career will go in the next five or 10 years.

Q. And what is a good answer to that last question?

A. I want to hire people with ambition, but humble ambition. I want people who want to advance their career, but they need to do so in a self-deprecating, unassuming and not-obnoxious manner. I don’t want to hire jerks.

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