Better than a resume

From Ryan Hoover:

Blogging is the new resume. Blogging is an effective way to illustrate expertise, personality, and most importantly, thought process. The way product managers, UX designers, and other “non-technical” roles think, communicates their ability and culture fit. Resumes lack this entirely…

When startups ask about my background and expertise, I respond with a brief bio and link them a few select articles I’ve written, relevant to their situation. If you read my writing, you will know how I think. If you agree with my analysis and recommendations, you will trust my product decisions. If you disagree, then we shouldn’t work together anyway. Resumes fail to communicate any of this.

I hope to never touch my resume again.

(1) Note the similarity to Alan Rusbridge’s advice to wannabe journalists.
(2) We’ve found that money managers use Seeking Alpha as a way to find analysts to hire — because reading an article about a stock often tells you more about the author’s capabilities than reading their resume. And investors use Seeking Alpha to find money managers, for exactly the same reason.

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