Is this the way to make you and your team more creative?

From the Corner Office interview with Hubspot CEO Brian Halligan:

…I’m a huge nap guy, and so we have a nap room at HubSpot. I have this new initiative in my life, and I’m trying to push my colleagues to do it, too, where I want to work less and think more. In a given month, I do a lot of very mediocre stuff, but once in a while I come up with a really good idea. Maybe I’ll come up with two in a month. Those two inevitably happen when I’m either falling into a nap, or coming out of a nap, or waking up slowly on a Saturday morning. I’m trying to engineer more of those in my life. I’m trying to encourage more people to have naps because, hopefully, more people will have these brilliant ideas.

Most earlier discussions about napping, such as the foundational NASA study (thanks Eli Hoffmann for the link), reported improved performance. Brian Halligan, in contrast, reports increased creativity as well. My personal experience echoes Brian’s.

One thought on “Is this the way to make you and your team more creative?

  1. I like the direction of this post but am less enthusiastic about its specificity. Naps are not a universal solution. In my experience, creativity comes during moments of flow, when I am relaxed and not trying to tackle an issue directly. For me, this often happens while I’m out running. For others, it may be napping, or etc. I would encourage companies not to push specific solutions but to create an environment that encourages employees to find their specific flow moments.

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