Instilling a culture of experimentation from day one

From FirstRound Capital:

As part of the onboarding process at Airbnb, the company encourages new employees to ship new features on their first day at the company. It earns them their sea legs and shows that great ideas can come from anywhere. This approach yields results in unexpected ways.

For example, one Airbnb designer was assigned what seemed like the small task of reevaluating the “star” function. In the original Airbnb product, users could ‘star’ properties to add them to a wish list… “Our new designer… explained [that] our service is so aspirational. Why don’t we tap into that? He goes — I’m going to change that to a heart.” Sure enough, the simple change from a star to a heart increased engagement by over 30%.

In short, let people be pirates, ship stuff and try new things.

2 thoughts on “Instilling a culture of experimentation from day one

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