Iterating faster in mobile

From Andrew Chen:

When it comes to the actual product development execution, you have to ask yourself, what’s the real bottleneck? Is it submitting to Apple? Well, let’s say that you can do that every 7-10 days. Then let’s work backwards and say that you set yourself a simple goal.

Whenever you have an opportunity to submit something to Apple, you have something to submit.

What would it mean to try to satisfy this goal? I think what it means is that you end up building your product out in 1-week chunks. You end up scoping down a lot of the featureset so that you can deliver it incrementally in 1-week timelines, with some testing on day 5. For some longer features, you try to get it as close to 1-week as possible, and spare the minimum wait in between.

Similarly, even as you submit an app every week, you can still have a daily build – just use Testflight. This means you can do an internal release of your app every day, and your friends and family can try things out.

How feasible is this? Well, again, on the web we’ve gotten used to the idea of deploying multiple times a day- why not in mobile apps as well? It’s doable.

2 thoughts on “Iterating faster in mobile

  1. David —

    I really like the idea of driving faster and more responsive iteration on mobile. I think a lot of app developers have held back because of the way apple treats reviews — defaulting to reviews of the latest version and forcing the user to click to see the lifetime reviews of the app. If apple would switch to displaying the lifetime reviews, I think it might go a long way to encouraging this kind of rapid iteration.


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