The best way to find out how good a candidate really is

From Startup hacks we learned in 2013, from Jitbit:

Instead of asking tricky interview questions trying to understand if someone is a good fit – hire them for a task after a very basic interview. And “friendly-fire” them in case they fail.

Not sure what he means by “friendly-fire them in case they fail”. Any ideas?

7 thoughts on “The best way to find out how good a candidate really is

  1. I believe it means don’t do your homework or attempt to do a proper evaluation, and instead make the call whether to fire the person based on their first-project performance.

    It sounds like a naive approach that will leave a lot of negative karma in their wake in the name of expedience. It also naively ignores the opportunity cost of hiring the wrong person as well.

    Anyone who says recruiting and hiring well is a corner you can cut isn’t worth listening to in my book.

    • Don’t think he’s talking about firing the guy. “Friendly fire” means that you accidentally shoot one of your own soldiers. Just not sure how the metaphor works here.

      • David, I know what is the meaning of friendly fire.
        Perhaps it’s a wordplay by the author of this piece?

        Just.a.guy, the overhead of firing or hiring a freelancer for a project is lower than for a full time employee, so it could be a useful technique and not an attempt to cut corners.

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