How to do cold calls

Excerpted from Seven Secrets to Cold Calling Success by Jane Porter:

1. Plan Ahead
Who will you be calling? When will you be placing your calls? These are questions you should answer the day before you make the calls.

2. Investigate Before You Call
Doing homework on the person you’re calling will make a huge difference. This can be as simple as doing a Google search on the company or looking up the prospect on LinkedIn.

3. Seek Out a Personal Connection
You should try to find a personal connection with your prospects… the same alma mater or… a past connection with the same company… [or] a common interest.

4. Get Information Before You Give It
You should ask lots of questions during the call rather than immediately try to sell your product or service. Learn about your prospect’s business needs first, so you can more effectively tailor your pitch.

5. Get Out of Your Chair and in Front of a Mirror
A mirror will make you smile and smiling will make you more confident. [Also] standing up when making calls.

6. Keep careful records
Measuring your progress will not only keep you organized, it will also give you a sense of accomplishment.

7. Use Referrals in Your Voice Mail Message
More often than not, you’ll be reaching voice mail… Try to find a common connection you can mention in the message you leave…

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