To sell, ask and listen

Excerpt from How to improve your abilities to close sales by Robert Waddington:

Why do questions work so well with closing sales?  Using questions balance out the ebb and flow of natural conversation. If a conversation is not natural, it will quickly fade and stop. The more you talk, the less chance the person you are talking to will feel like listening.  This aversion to not listening is exponential as you continue to drone on.

Asking questions show that you are willing to listen and that you are interested in what this person has to say.

People love to talk about themselves. A few well-placed questions will get even the most reticent of people to open up. When people start talking about themselves they generally brighten up, which will make it easier to move forward in the sales process.

Questions enable you to listen. Once you know what the needs are, it is easier to close the sale because you have an authority or command of the situation. Establishing yourself as an authority is crucial in establishing trust.  There can be no trust if there isn’t an environment to listen.

3 thoughts on “To sell, ask and listen

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