Non-scalable PR

From 5 PR lessons from Viber’s rise from zero users to a $900M exit by Ayelet Noff, who runs PR agency Blond 2.0:

In an online world, a face-to-face meeting is still king

While the Internet has made global communication cheap, quick, and easy, nothing carries the emotional resonance of a face-to-face meeting. So when we were preparing for the launch of Viber Desktop, we knew that it was time to get in front of leading journalists.

I traveled to New York with Viber CEO Talmon Marco, and we went from office to office, meeting to meeting, demonstrating the new desktop app that the Viber team had built. We met writers, spoke to them, shook their hands, and added faces and voices to our pitch. With tech writers frequently receiving thousands of pitch emails a day, it’s important to leverage any opportunity you have to meet these writers in person. There is still no substitute for a sincere handshake and a smile…

Pick your moment: If you feel like you have a huge story to tell, get on a plane and tell it to the world in person.

Contrast this with WhatsApp’s approach (or lack of it) to marketing and PR.

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