The mechanics of building a pitch for VCs

From Take Your Fundraising Pitch from Mediocre to Memorable by FirstRound Capital, quoting Oren Jacob:

Jacob readily admits that he usually starts off with 60 to 70 slides, and very painfully and thoughtfully molds his presentation to fit 12…

When you design your presentation, you want to make sure to emphasize the points that will drive people to the conviction that they should back your idea. If you believe the market opportunity is the most compelling thing you have to share, spend more time on it. If you believe the strength of your team is unmatched, take the time to dive into their bios and experience. You want to build your presentation and slides so that your argument only gets stronger and gains momentum as you go along…

…it’s also critical to not plan a full hour of material. You should be able to tell your whole story, in a compelling and detailed fashion, in just 20 minutes. “This will almost always expand to fill the hour…”

At the same time, you want to have hours and hours of nerdy details squirreled away in your head.

The important thing is to make the words your own.

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