How to create an office your employees love

Max Chopovsky has great advice for how to create an office your employees will love. Edited excerpts:

1. Involve your team in the research. Your team will love that you’re asking for their input. Find out how they like to work. Also figure out when they like to work.

2. Have them assist in finding furniture. [Consider] giving each team member $100 and taking them all to IKEA. The money won’t buy much, but the message of trust and empowerment is priceless.

3. Make a day (or week) out of putting your office together. Let each team member spend his or her first day putting together their furniture and setting up their laptop. 

4. Decorate the space together. Let them take a day to get to know each other while working on a project together.

5. Ask questions. Put up a chalkboard or a dry erase board and write a different question on it every day.

6. Allow each team member to customize their own space. When we ask our interviewees about their favorite part of the office, many say it’s their desk.

7. Provide areas for serendipitous collaborations. Create areas where people can come together.

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