Should you make a big PR push when launching a product?

From Don’t Launch Your Product by Vibhu Norby:

Here are a couple reasons why focusing on a big launch is the wrong strategy:

1. “Launching” screws with your metrics – and you need clean metrics to evaluate and iterate on your business. If you see 6000 signups on day one and 2000 on day two, you can be mislead about the strength of your vision. It clouds your ability to single out the passionate users and understand their usage patterns.

2. You’re probably not going to find product/market fit right out of the gate. So whatever press or marketing you have planned will fall on uninterested eyes.

3. The bigger your launch, the quicker you will enter the famous “trough of sorrow.” No human can easily withstand the emotional rollercoaster of startup metrics. Such baggage can lose you co-founders, employees, and your capital. And you will lose faith in yourself in the process.

4. You’ll be penalized when raising your next round. Neither the bell-curve nor the downward slope is an attractive graph to show investors.

One thought on “Should you make a big PR push when launching a product?

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