Do you have the right people in your team? A litmus test

Excerpts from Let Your Team Help You Manage Your Time by John Beeson:

A few years ago I was asked to coach an executive I’ll call Tom.  I suggested that Tom give thought to four questions:

1. Where could he add the greatest value to the company in his new role?

2. What were the topics and issues he should be intimately involved in — and which could he off-load to staff?

3. How was he spending his time today — and how would he like to be spending his time six months from now in order to devote adequate time to his value-adding role?

4. What changes would he have to make to his team — in terms of its composition and how he managed it— to achieve that goal?

Originally, he had considered his team to be solid and experienced. However, he now realized there were no direct reports to whom he could delegate significant responsibilities… And that was a problem.

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