Walking meetings

From Where I Work: I’ll Take Walking 1:1s Over Office Meetings Any Day by LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner:

I started doing walking meetings early last year at the suggestion of a colleague who used them as a means to reduce meeting room scheduling issues while getting some exercise at the same time.

LI: Why did you set up your space this way?
Got tired of sitting indoors all day.

LI: How does your view impact the way you work?
It’s energizing to get outside for a 30 minute walk a few times a day. In addition to the obvious fitness benefits, this meeting format essentially eliminates distractions, so I find it to be a much more productive way to spend time.

(1) Walking meetings are one of Bill Tranchard’s three ways to manage your energy better
(2) Walking meetings are consistent with the principle that the optimal number of people for a meeting is two.

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