Get a nice office

Excerpts from When Does Establishing a Good Startup Culture Outweigh Being Cheap? by Mark Suster:

What is charming in your lean first year because you’re feeling like a true startup begins to become annoying when you’re tired of a loud work environment, a single bathroom stall for 40 people or uncomfortable chairs, bad lighting or old computers. Even if you’re winning business, in the press, raising capital and generally doing great things – over time a shitty office environment begins to wear on you.

And I see many companies blow this. My recommendation any time I provide a round of A or B capital is to spend properly on decent offices. Of course there’s always a balance because you don’t want extravagance. But a great office environment will yield so many intangibles that you can’t measure.

A great office helps with recruiting. It helps with productivity and output. It helps with employee retention. A great office helps with the intangibles of “well being” that are psychologically hidden in the lower levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. A good office / work environment is the foundation of establishing a strong company culture and team spirit.

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