Andy Johns on how to build a winning product

From Real Engines Of Growth Have Nothing To Do With Growth Hacking, quoting Andy Johns (ex-Facebook, now Wealthfront):

Having a clearly-defined user in mind is one of the keys to building a product that grows like mad. This is about clearly describing your product, then reducing friction all the way down. “With every product I’ve ever worked on just explaining the product in clearer, more compelling ways has led to big wins.”

“Real growth is about finding and removing friction.” The opportunities to eliminate friction are usually huge… they can take years to fully uncover.

When you’ve nailed your product, you’ll know it. Your retention will be great and people will happily engage with your emails or push notifications. Startups should “understand where your success is coming from today and double down on what is already working. If these channels are working for you without any real effort on your part, then there are huge opportunities to expand on them.”

Summary: (1) Be clear about your target user. (2) Force yourself to articulate your value proposition. (3) Double down on what’s working by removing frictions.

3 thoughts on “Andy Johns on how to build a winning product

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