The surprise about how people use their phones

From Inside The New Yorker’s digital strategy by Ricardo Bilton:

While conventional wisdom would suggest that readers are reading fewer longer stories on mobile devices, the New Yorker has found the opposite is true. Readers are more likely to read and finish long stories on their phones than on their computers.

Why do you think that is?

11 thoughts on “The surprise about how people use their phones

  1. Distractions come from mobile device and task switching. Task switching is (still) not as easy on a mobile as on other devices. Can’t be distracted by your mobile when you’re already on it. Also, mobiles enable consuming long-form writing during down time – on the train, at the doctor’s, etc.

  2. I tend to prefer short content as opposed to long form. It’s actually one of the things I like about your blog, a short snippet of information without having to commit to a long article. Although I will read long form if it’s something I really want to know about on a deeper level.

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