The 3 conditions that create virality

From Real Engines Of Growth Have Nothing To Do With Growth Hacking, quoting Ooga Labs co-founder Stan Chudnovsky:

The most powerfully growing products do three things at once:
1.They make you look smart to the people you invite.
2. They give real value to you when the people you invite join.
3. They give real value to the people you’ve invited once they sign up.

Notes: (1) Why does the recommendation need to make you look smart? Isn’t it enough that the recommended product gives real value to you and to the person you recommend it to? (2) Funny how statements of what should be obvious are nonetheless so enlightening. Cf. The 3 conditions of a great fremium business. (3) Thank you Guy Cohen for the link.

3 thoughts on “The 3 conditions that create virality

  1. David — I think ‘makes you look smart’ appeals to the ego and vanity of the sender, where ego and vanity are major behavior drivers for some people (especially those who tend to communicate new ideas and influence large #s of people).

    The other two items are far more utilitarian and transactional (I invite you to dropbox we both get some bonus storage) and it takes more than that to motivate some people to act… and in my experience it’s exactly those people motivated by ego and vanity who tend to have broader audience reach.

  2. I think I can show why they’ve included 1) in the formula:

    Betfair satisfies both 2 + 3, but its hard to share their service and look smart… Although the Bulls are a lock!

    I’m not sure if I really need to look smart to share something, but definitely “look good”.

    another fun example is the charity Kiva, that I sometimes support:

    I think it satisfies condition 1) by making me look good (smart) when I share their service, it also satisfies 2) because I get to lend out $25 when someone I’ve referred makes a loan BUT I don’t think they satisfy 3), there is no bonus for the referred signing up….

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