Avoiding hype in sales

Alen Mayer, quoted in 18 Sales Experts Share Their Best Tip for Maximizing Productivity:

Don’t use hype! Salespeople love hype language because they don’t have to invest time into understanding the product or the customer. Introverts spot the exaggerated information in these traditional types of pitches quickly, and when they find out that the salesperson doesn’t know what he or she is talking about, they shut down the conversation. To win an introvert’s respect, you need to prove your credibility using third-party endorsements, certifications and awards your product or company won. Introverts don’t usually get swept away by a sales pitch, but they can be influenced by objective reviews or media coverage.

(1) While particularly pertinent to sales, this advice is applicable to potentially every part of your business.
(2) When hype leads to sloppiness and inaccuracy, it becomes an issue of culture and ethics.

2 thoughts on “Avoiding hype in sales

  1. “To win an introvert’s respect, you need to prove your credibility.” This is applicable to everything in business, not just sales.

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