How to learn about your customers

From Intro to Effective Customer Development by Jim Gray:

Talking to random people to learn about your customer, instead of talking to your customer to learn about your customer, is so off target… This will end up either confirming your biases or giving arbitrary results, neither of which is a positive outcome for your business.

To learn about your customers, you have to find and talk to your customers. And we’re not talking broad demographic groups. You need to get specific. I’m talking laser-focused. We’re shooting for the 10% that will be your most rabid fans, not the other 90% who will just be satisfied customers.

If you’re doing it right, most of this should match up:
— What problem hurts really bad
— Why it’s a problem, what goal it’s interfering with
— How they experience the problem
— How they think about the problem
— How they talk about the problem
— How they currently deal with the problem
— Where you can find the target customer
— What approaches they are receptive to

5 thoughts on “How to learn about your customers

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