Saying “no” to good ideas

From 14 Ways To Be A Great Startup CEO by Jason Baptiste:

You will be inundated with a list of requests from potential partners, investors, employees, and more. They will all sound absolutely wonderful. As you grow, you will also have the resources to execute more of them. Don’t. It’s easy to say yes, but so very hard to say no. By having an uncanny ability to say no, you can keep your company on track with the large vision you maintain. It will also keep your team members (notice I don’t like to use the word “employees”) laser focused and feel more rewarded as they are able to focus on one thing for a good chunk of time. I’ve seen too many startups sink because the CEO keeps changing what the head of product and engineering should be doing.

(1) The job of a great manager is to focus the company’s limited resources on what’s most impactful. That means saying “no” to good ideas.
(2) Saying “no” to bad ideas is easy. It’s the good ideas that can distract and de-focus you.

5 thoughts on “Saying “no” to good ideas

  1. As a 20+ year “turnaround expert”, I’m amazed at the frequency with which entrepreneurs get side-tracked with the next shiny new thing. Success demands focus. Good article.

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