A startup pitch should answer these 3 “why”s

From Why Big, Why Now, Why You? by Anthony Lee:

Fundamentally, a good pitch is a good story.  In addition to understanding a business opportunity logically, investors need to feel a business opportunity emotionally.  A good story (told by a compelling storyteller) does just that. It activates our gut and makes us viscerally excited by the business proposition. “People buy on emotion and justify with logic.”

Many entrepreneurs love to expound on the “what” and “how” of their technology solutions.  That is all fine, but often what I really care about – and what I have come to see as a common thread in the best presentations – is “why”. Specifically, there are “3 Whys” that I want to see in every pitch:


On Why Now?, he adds:

This is one that entrepreneurs almost always miss and so it is one that I have come to feel is the most critical. So much of startup success is dictated by good timing. “Why now” – why market conditions, user behaviours, technology trends or other macro forces are combining in just the right way to smooth your path to success.

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