Raising capital as an offensive strategy

From Using Capital as a Weapon by Rob Go:

Capital gets talked about a lot in terms of things like runway, getting to profitability, solving the VC math equation, etc. But primarily, I think capital for early stage companies should be discussed in an offensive manner. As my partner David likes to say “capital is a weapon”. It’s true that sometimes too much capital creates tons of issues, but if wielded appropriately, capital is very much a part of a company’s offensive arsenal.

We think about this quite a bit with our portfolio companies as they scale. As seed stage investors, we find that we tend to prefer modest sized rounds early on to focus a team and establish discipline around being excellent at one thing and proving things out efficiently. But beyond the seed stage, capital is primarily about winning and winning big. We look to invest in [high potential] companies with capital efficient beginnings, and usually, those types of companies do take in a fair bit of capital and use that capital as a weapon. Typically, this happens in some combination of five ways.

1. Solidify Network Effects.
2. Geographic Expansion.
3. Data Scale.
4. Buying Credibility.
5. Boxing Out Competition.

3 thoughts on “Raising capital as an offensive strategy

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