Mark Zuckerberg’s hiring rule

Mark Zuckerberg, quoted in Entrepreneurial Lessons from Mark Zuckerberg:

What’s the right heuristic for determining if someone is really good? Over time, what I figured out was that the only actual way to let someone analyze whether someone was really good was if they would work for that person. I don’t think that needs to recurse too many levels down in the organization but I basically think that’s a really good heuristic. I believe that. If you look at my management team today if we were in an alternate universe and I hadn’t started the company it would be an honor to work for any of these people. I think if you build a company that has those kind of values, rather than just saying ‘oh I want to hire the best person I can find’ or whatever, if you hold yourself to that standard then I think you’ll build a pretty strong company.

3 thoughts on “Mark Zuckerberg’s hiring rule

  1. Abstracting further – do everything in a way that would please you, if you were on the other side of what you’re doing. True for hiring, collaboration, giving feedback, making deals with external parties…

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