Necessary qualities in founders – Marc Suster’s shortlist

From Why Your Startup is More Likely to Succeed if You’re Authentic and Passionate by Marc Suster:

In my Twitter bio, I say I’m “looking to invest in passionate entrepreneurs.” Along with “authenticity”, passion is one of  the two key attributes I look for when I meet with companies.

We’ve gotten to the point where after the film The Social Network, and now with our own ironic HBO drama Silicon Valley, one might think starting a company is a bit like the gold rush where riches flow to you with ease.

The reality is quite the opposite. Running a startup is a grind. It wears you down. It’s full of mostly stresses and set backs. It requires absolute dedication, commitment and drive – even when things seem hopeless. When I’ve seen extreme success up close I can tell you it comes with absolute dedication to being number one 24/7 to the point of crowding out nearly everything else in your life.

It’s why being an entrepreneur isn’t for everybody. But if you’re going to try and compete your chances of success are greatly diminished if you aren’t pursuing an authentic passion.

(1) “Before product-market fit, find passion-market fit” — from Passionate founders and product-market fit.
(2) Cf. Every successful entrepreneur has this quality.

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