Customer reactions tell you when there’s product-market fit

Albert Wenger, quoted in Product/Market Fit is a Continuum by William Mougayar:

Product-market fit is best measured by observing how customers react to your product. Better yet, observe them interact with your product. You know you’ve achieved product-market fit when the customers intuitively understand what need the product fills for them, and they have no trouble using it, in fact they enjoy using it… in fact they start telling their friends about it, maybe even telling the world about it on Twitter or other places. That’s how you know if you’ve got product-market fit.

3 thoughts on “Customer reactions tell you when there’s product-market fit

  1. Nice – very useful tip.
    I run a b2b saas business. I found this harder to evaluate. I knew my first customer loved the product but it took a long time before other customers started showing the same reaction. Getting new customers did not seem to get that much easier until I had a significant number of “names”/high profile brands signed up.

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