16 thoughts on “Is this a helpful resource for founders and managers?

  1. Another +1 for very helpful. Having a source that just surface the nuggets and leaves out the ancillary fluff saves a ton of time. There is so much noise out there and this blot helped focus in on the important things to consider.

    • Nick said it perfectly. Your updates were invaluable, surfacing the core ideas of the best blog posts in our industry. That’s what made your site one of the first I would read each day.

      Enjoy your break, and I look forward to your return.

  2. My 2 cents: helpful because the emails are short and sweet and can be read in the email, no need to open links and save for later, so feel free to keep them up!

    Thanks, On 9 Sep 2014 17:59, “A Founder’s Notebook” wrote:

    > David J posted: “I’m taking a break from my blog. I’ll get back to > it, just not yet. In the meantime, I’ve arranged the archive by topic. Here > it is. Helpful?”

  3. Yes, the archive is nice – we can see the categories to the right, but the archive does make it easier to scan for a specific article by title, so it’s a value add there.

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