Best practices in getting user feedback on your product

From 5 Mistakes we all make with product feedback by Des Traynor:

1. Stop talking to “all users”: When you survey all your users together you ignore the specifics. You mix up yesterday’s sign-ups with life long customers. If you want to improve your onboarding, only listen to people who recently signed up. If you want to improve a feature, only talk to those who use it.

2. Feedback should be on-going: The default approach to feedback is to solicit it on demand. But that means when you realise you need it you have to wait a week doing nothing while it comes in. Solution: Periodically check in with users. Ask users for feedback on day 30, 60, 120, 365, etc. Sightly more advanced — gather feature specific feedback based on usage.

3. Distinguish free from paying feedback: To improve your product for your paying customers, only talk to your paying customers. To learn what makes people upgrade from free, only talk to customers who upgraded from free. When you want to improve your free product, only talk to your free customers.

4. Don’t fall for the vocal minority: Treat every clustering of feedback that you see as a hypothesis, and then don’t build it, verify it.

5. Don’t assume users request the right features: It’s essential to abstract a level or two above what’s requested, into something that makes sense to you, and benefits all your customers.

(1) Cf. When your product change is greeted by a torrent of complaints, what should you do? and The survey question you should never ask.
(2) Thank you Eran Ben-Shushan, co-founder of Bizzabo, for the recommendation.

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