How to create a healthy office

Edited excerpts from How Healthy Is Your Office? by Aaron White:

1. Embrace the power of plants, which help reduce stress.

2. Seek natural light. If you don’t have windows, consider a skylight or holding regular brainstorms on a walk outside.

3. Get stand-up desks, to increase energy, prevent slouching, and alleviate back problems. We whip up adjustable desks for just under $70 with easy-to-assemble IKEA parts.

4. Offer healthy snacks. We’ve seen a surprising amount of employees make the decaf switch, and most report sleeping far better afterward.

5. Embrace the nap. Rested employees are far more productive and make better decisions. We have a couch for napping. 

6. Promote frequent breaks. Stepping away from a difficult problem or project can bring much needed clarity.

7. Find and encourage bike storage, for those who commute by bike.

8. Foster healthy competition and activities. We have a ping-pong table to encourage the team to get up from their desks and clear their minds.

9. Allow pets in the office. Dogs in the workplace have been shown to significantly reduce stress.


3 thoughts on “How to create a healthy office

  1. · Check with your employees before introducing dogs to the office – some may be afraid of them. · In our team, we’ve found the Pomodoro technique to work quite well, when we remember to use it, and it has frequent breaks built in. · The links to IKEA parts don’t work for me.

    • Hi Amir,
      — I removed the broken links. Thank you for catching that.
      — On dogs, I agree — many people don’t like having dogs around, and as the article points out, some people have allergies.
      — Interested to hear more about your experience with Pomodoro.

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