13 tips for managing a SaaS sales team

From 22 Sales Tips From a First Time SaaS CEO by Danielle Morrill, co-founder and CEO of Mattermark, which provides deal intelligence about private companies:

1. Don’t assume your investors are experts on SaaS metrics. This is still a relatively new business model.

2. Be ruthless about trying/disposing of email tools based on metric/campaign results. I’ve stuck with LeadGenius, PersistIQ and Send With Us.

3. Hire sales reps at least in pairs, so you have some way to compare performance.

4. Learn how to fire people, because you will, and if you want to be the nice guy CEO maybe this is not the right business model for you.

5. Do 40-50 cold calls a day or 8-10 scheduled demos for awhile. Learn what it feels like to struggle with selling, and hit every objection.

6. “Sales enablement” at first is writing down everything you learned in a wiki for future reps. We just use Google Sites.

7. Support and bug tracking tools and processes have a huge impact on sales. That’s why our head of customer support has weekly meetings with our sales leaders.

8. One account manager per $1M ARR is a good rule of thumb for the first $5M (assuming LTV in the thousands).

9. Don’t discount willy nilly, set pricing and stick to it. We have only one discount, 20% off when you pay for the full year up front.

10. Have great comp plans post break even. We do 20% for month-to-month, 25% for annual – NO CAP.

11. Screen for people with excellent organization skills. Inbox zero and updating status in the CRM are table stakes.

12. Account management is more than glorified support. It should have a revenue expansion quota.

13. Don’t worry about micro-managing. Without clear process, be hands on and manage activities like # calls, days since last contact etc.

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