Five tips for SaaS sales people

From 22 Sales Tips From a First Time SaaS CEO by Danielle Morrill:

1. Cold emailing is actually not very effective. But lukewarm emailing works great for staying top of mind.

2. Make a playlist of songs to get pumped up, stand up while you do calls, speak loud and proud, no one does calls in a conference room.

3. Practice asking for 6 figures. Then practice asking for 7 figures.

4. Ask for the close. “Can I have your business?” “Let’s get your payment info so you can get started today.”

5. Don’t assume “no” means no the first time. Try again, be more creative and focus on benefits not features or pricing.

(1) Cold emailing is certainly harder, but if you’re going to try it, do this.
(2) Cf. How to do cold calls

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