Lessons from Mark Zuckerberg: How to beat your competitors

Edited quote from Mark Zuckerberg, in Entrepreneurial Lessons from Mark Zuckerberg:

We had this concept that we actually still have in the company today, called lockdown. Which is — whenever any other company got ahead of us on something that we thought was strategic to us, we literally did not leave the house until we had addressed the problem.

Now it’s a little looser of an interpretation. We don’t literally lock everyone inside the office, but about as close to that as we can legally get.

Now the funny thing is that inside Facebook, because we have a lot of different initiatives, teams kind of do this themselves. It’s like “alright there’s some competitor that has something that we feel like we really need — we’re going into lockdown to get this thing because we’re not going to let (a competitor or disrupter) get ahead of us”.

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