Demos can win sales if you do them like this

From What most sales people do in the demo that loses the deal by Keenan:

In the world of SaaS and cloud solutions, the demo is everything. As the demo goes, so goes the sale. When doing a demo, every feature you show must be tied to a specific business goal, operational process, work-flow, execution issue or opportunity that specific customer has. If you’re showing a feature and are saying; “If you… then this feature will…”, or worse, if you are just whipping features around like they are cars on a car showroom floor by saying “And the next thing I want to show you is”, you are doing it wrong.

There is no room for “if” in your demos. There is no excuse to show a feature that isn’t germane to the specific the business and highly targeted to the operational or executional needs of the buyer. Demos should not be used to demonstrate your product, but rather to show how your product can affect your buyer’s business.

The key to a successful demo is to make sure every feature, every function you demonstrate is attached to your buyer’s unique problems and challenges. If it’s not, your not giving a good demo.

Good demos demonstrate how problems will be solved and how opportunities will be leveraged. They temporarily and virtually insert the seller’s product into the buyer’s world.

(1) Cf. How to demo your product to a potential customer.
2) Thank you Eran Ben-Shushan, co-founder of Bizzabo, for the recommendation.

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