In your startup, the goals and culture must become a mantra

Edited excerpt from 5 Leadership Lessons Learned from Jeff Weiner by Sachin Rekhi:

The typical marketing wisdom is that it takes exposing someone to your marketing message 7 times before they respond to it. LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner believes the same is true for any key message you want to ensure is broadly understood within the organization. So it’s important to constantly repeat the team’s top objectives, the decisions that are being made, the culture you are trying to establish, and anything else you want the broad team to truly internalize. It’s equally important to drive consistency in the message, even using the exact same words to really ensure it sticks. It’s then important to ensure you have frequent opportunities to broadly share these key messages.

(1) Cf. To build a great culture for your startup, be explicit.
(2) Cf. Moments that clarify what your values really are.

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