How to demo your startup

Edited excerpt from How To Demo Your Startup by Jason Calacanis:

Show your product within the first 60 seconds. Most folks start their presentations with information like the size of the market they are tackling. The longer it takes for you to show your product, the worse your product is. Folks who have a kick-ass product don’t spend five or ten minutes “setting the stage” or “giving the background.” Folks with killer products CAN’T WAIT to show you their product. Their demos start with their homepage and quickly jump into the users experience.

The best products take less than five minutes to demo. The better the product the LESS time it takes to demo. If your product demo takes more than five minutes to demo, it probably sucks. All the tiny little features that matter to you are of course important. However, when presenting your company, you don’t have to show them. Leave people wanting more.

Talk about what you’ve done, not what you’re going to do. Weak startups and their leaders seem to immediately start talk about “what’s next,” as opposed to focusing on the core product. Who cares what you’re going to bolt on to your startup? What really matters is the core functionality of your startup.

2 thoughts on “How to demo your startup

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