How to deal with anger at work

Edited excerpt from How to get rid of anger by Eric Barker:

How can you control emotions of anger in yourself? Here’s how:

— Suppress rarely. They may not know you’re angry but you’ll feel worse inside and hurt the relationship.
— Don’t vent. Communication is good but venting just increases anger. Distract yourself.
— Reappraisal (changing the story you’re telling yourself about the event) is usually the best option. Think to yourself, “It’s not about me. They must be having a bad day.”

Sometimes someone gets under your skin and suppression is the only thing you can do. And sometimes reappraisal can cause you to tolerate bad situations you need to get out of. But that said, telling yourself a more compassionate story about what’s going on inside the other person’s head is usually the best way to go.

And what’s the final step in getting rid of that anger over the long haul so you can maintain good relationships? Forgive. Forgiveness makes you less angry and more healthy.

(1) On interpersonal relationships at work, see also: A better way to view people and Ideas spread inside a company due to positive energy; 8 ways to increase it.
(2) On managing emotions and pressure, see: How to stay calm under immense work pressure — Charlie O’Donnell and How to stay calm under immense work pressure — Jason Lemkin.

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