Why startup founders should learn to code

Edited excerpt from If you’re “looking for a developer” you’ve already failed by David Olk:

I’m not telling you to become a professional manufacturer of software. I’m simply saying that learning how to code will be very helpful to the journey because it will:

(i) make you more interesting to the people you want to work with if you can speak their language – literally and figuratively;

(ii) show you’re not just another person who’s smarter than everyone with a big idea, but with no ability to learn, hustle, and execute;

(iii) provide the foundation where you can actually kick start your big idea on your own with your own time, money, and effort;

(iv) help you understand what you are actually asking people to build for you; and

(v) actually provide some relevant friends and colleagues that can ingrain you into the community you are seeking out in the first place – but from a different more appreciated angle.

I’ve personally found that software engineers love it when people try to learn how to code. They are always helpful and nurturing and accepting.

Anyway, learn how to code. It’s fun and not as hard as you’d think at a basic level. There’s so many resources to help now as well. Just check out Codecademy if you don’t even want to leave your house.

(1) Thank you John Gannon, founder of BEMAVEM, for the tip.
(2) Cf. Startup founders need to be learn-it-alls.

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