Five tips for men who manage women

From 5 Tips for Men Who Manage Women:

In a Wall Street Journal article Women at Work: A Guide for Men, Joanne Lipman says that many men “misunderstand us, they unwittingly belittle us, they do something that they think is nice that instead just makes us mad. And those are the good ones.”

Here are some of the things she says male bosses need to understand about their female employees if they want to have the most productive and efficient workplace possible:

1. Don’t restrain yourself when giving feedback.
2. Actively include them in meetings.
3. Consider them for promotions even if they don’t ask.
4. Cut the cute talk — don’t talk condescendingly to women.
5. Understand that having kids doesn’t mean the end of ambition.

2 thoughts on “Five tips for men who manage women

    • Hi Rachael, I’m relieved to hear that. I grappled with whether to post this, as I wasn’t sure whether the topic itself would be perceived as sexist or condescending. In fact, one woman who saw this simply commented “How patronizing”. But on balance I thought it was important and helpful advice.

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