Does your company description resonate with potential customers?

Here are three company descriptions. In which is the value proposition for customers clearest, and why? How would you improve them?

CliClap helps you generate sales leads by sharing articles of interest to your target customers with an added call-to-action for your company or product. This gives you the benefits of content marketing without the costs of content production. CliClap’s solution doesn’t require any technical integration and allows you to get started in minutes.

Honeybook is on a mission to connect the different parts of the events industry by reimagining the way creative professionals work with their colleagues and clients.

OptimalQ helps companies increase sales. It does this by identifying, in real time, the best time to contact potential customers when they are physically and mentally available. Companies that use OptimalQ have realized an increase of over 70% in answer rate and over 18% in average duration of answered calls.

(1) “The key here is to keep it really short and use plain English” — from Clarifying your strategy using a simple template.
(2) Cf. How to ensure your company is customer-centric, and the challenge for ad-supported services.
(3) Cf. How to name your product and create its tag line.

3 thoughts on “Does your company description resonate with potential customers?

  1. David – the part I liked best about the CliClap description is “This gives you the benefits of content marketing without the costs of content production.” I think it incorporates the multiple values the platform provides in one short sentence. Thanks a lot for all the help!

    • Short summarized description of startup not only helps with focusing your value prostitution, it helps with the entire product design. Thank you, David, for helping us focus our job to be done.

  2. OptimalQ: it tells you who it’s for “companies” and why it matters “increase sales” in a digestible, concise sentence. Then it dives into a sentence explaining how, also in simple terms. Finally it gives you proof of its success.

    I think ClipClap can improve by reducing the jargon and tightening the first sentence. HoneyBook can by being more concrete, especially around the value it provides to its customers and the way it does so.

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